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A customer had contacted us before our dyno was installed to come out and do some trackside service and tuning on his car. We ended up deciding it was best to diagnose an issue he was having prior to doing any tuning.

The customer brought us the car and his leakdown tests showed above normal blowby in 2 cylinders. Being the hardcore racer, he wanted us to tune the car around any of the issues (against our advice) so he can make the next track event, be damned if it needs internal repairs!

This car has a short ram intake, aftermarket swap header, and a catless free flowing exhaust. It also has some lightweight wheels and slicks that are also lightweight.

We did 3 power pulls on the stock ECU and ended up getting our strongest numbers on a stock ecu 2ZZ that our dyno has seen to-date.

We then did 3 power pulls on the PFC with the map that customer had already on there (that we were told was professionally tuned). Sadly it made less horsepower than the stock ECU and was in need of some serious work.

After about 12 hours of tuning here is the end result:

RED: Stock ECU
BLUE: Customer supplied PFC map
BLACK: DDPR custom PFC tune

While peak power is not terribly new or exciting, we were happy with the results of the tuning. We really like the area under the curve which gained torque everywhere.
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