I'm starting here so it hopefully goes to an enthusiast and not a pedestrian, but I'll open it up to FB and the like in a few weeks.

2001 MR2 Spyder
2ZZ Swap w/6 speed
Celica Seats
FRS Head Unit
PPE Header
PPE Intake
Newer tires
A/C works perfectly
Motor Mileage- 100k
Body Mileage- 87k

The biggest flaw on this car is the paint. It's sunfaded and the clear coat ain't great. There's been rattle can touchups done around the exterior and it's just crunchy. I included some close ups of some spots to give the best idea of what I'm talking about.

Between the swap and the hardtop I figure $9k is a good price but I'll let others weigh in if they think I'm wrong. I'm not separating the hardtop from the car because this car just looks so damn good the way it sits, sorry folks!

Located in Central Florida.

I've got a surprise third kid coming and need to sell, otherwise I'd never have given this thing up.

Ask questions and I'll answer.