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I'm writing a guide for myself that I can actually understand.
I am reading this but it has never been corrected.
Most guides here or online are 10 years old and just a copy of a copy with still the wrong information.

Just keep it simple.


Is this correct?

- Pin B12 to ground
- Pins C8/C9 from C-Plug to Pin B16/B25 (change from left o2 sensor on 1zz to post-cat on 2zz)
So you need to go grab the wires that are at C8 and C9 in the 1zz wire harness, and move them to B16/B25.
We are talking about an A-plug why is B12 being mentioned here?
When I check the pictures the B plug is somewhere else.

Also B16/B25? the "b" plug has only 22 slots and not 25.

- Pin A7 to ground (grounded by C6 later on)
Pin A7 to ground... but its the B plug we are talking about?

Does B12 go to A7?

* C6 = Blue/Yellow wire (-)
* C7 = Black wire (+)
* C21 = Oil pressure sensor wire
- Pin C6 to A7 makes sense but didnt we put B12 into A7 already?
- Pin C7 requires additional wire to Lift Solenoid, so C7 that has a black wire now needs two wires in one plug?

- Pin C21 (ECU side) to oil pressure switch of life solenoid makes sense too[/B]

There are way too many names with information that is not needed.

Then there is this

Why are people calling it E5-4-3-2 if other guides call it something else?

As you can see too much confusion and everyone just copies guide from someone else..
However in 2019 its will a mess.

How hard would it be to make a guide that is understandable for everyone?

If there are only a few wires it could be written in few simple words.. but every picture / guide i check is different.

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Dude, if you do not make reference to a specific geographic location or market, you're just adding to the confusion. I advise anyone reading this to just ignore your post. If as you say, it is just for yourself, then keep it to yourself.

This forum happens to be mostly a US-centric forum and the information published here is mostly by and for US users. In the US Domestic Market we stick to the convention (defined by Toyota) that the terminals of the ECM are E2 (A), E3(B), E4(C), and E5 (D). In case you are not getting my drift, this is Toyota's official definition of the connectors for USDM. These two different notations exist because Toyota decided to make two notations, for convenience of use where space is limited, as for example on the Electrical Wiring Diagrams, and the correspondence between the two notations is clearly marked on the Engine Control Diagram - Look for it, it is front and center right on the rendering of the ECU.

The functions of the pins on the ECU terminals are defined by Toyota in the official repair manual. I'm attaching copies of the documents, for both 2002 Spyder (Manual, 1zz) and 2000 Celica GT-S (Manual, 2zz).

When you perform a swap you must cross-reference your vehicle's wiring with that of the donor vehicle and make any changes as needed. If you do not trust the work of others (and why should you, this is the Internet), then do the work for yourself, or pay someone with the proper qualifications to do it for you. If you want to rely on free materials, without checking for correctness, and without any way of evaluating the authoritativeness of the source, that's up to you.


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This is the Info I put together about 10 years ago.. ALL of this information was generated by me.. I did not use any others work..

The LR Swap Harness Snap Shot was cut off at the top.. Not sure when that happened..

All the Original Excel are gone.. Only the Org JPGs exist on my Thumb Drive.. Photobucket has pissed me off so I will not do any thing with them..

If you want the original JPG's PM me your E-Mail and I'll get them to you..


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One thing I did not Clarify.. In the Graphic you show, and the One I did a Cut and Paste from.. D is on the Left.. then C, then B, then a is on the Far right.. Just count the number of pins and you will see..

I have no Idea why Toyota started of with E2..

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