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I have been having a problem with the lift engagement in my 2ZZ-GE. This is configured on a Link G4 Storm ECU and I have been testing some new changes. I believe that I have now resolved the lift solenoid issue and can successfully control the VVL solenoid point of engagement to any RPM point I choose. The VVT soleniod has been working from the start and I can fully control both elements now.

My question is this, the map that is in the ECU at the moment, the VVT map has the cam advanced 39 degrees during the period that the VVL is also engaged, my concern is that I believe the VVL was not working when the car was last on the dyno and the VVT was mapped. By fixing the VVL issue am I at risk of any damage with the inlet cam advanced 39 degrees AND lift enabled?

Based on what I can find on this site, newcelica and various others the stock Toyota ECU runs around 40-43 degrees at this point and I should be ok.

I did search and didnt find anything suitable, but if anyone has any thoughts, I appreciate your time to reply.

I realise my fuel and igniton timing may need updating with the addition of lift.

Hope this makes sense to someone :D

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