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I made this thread for my local forum and people that I have known for a long time just for the memories and figured I would share here.

Current mod list

TRD Short Shifter
Euro Spec 6 Speed with LSD
ARP Exhaust Studs
Spherical Shifter Bushings
Greddy Turbo T517z (internal Wastegate)
Greddy Intercooler
Snow Meth Injection
AuburnSpyder Oil Cooler with Thermostatic Adapter
660cc Injectors(I think)
ARP Flywheel Bolts

Engine Electronics:
Apex'i PFC with Datalogit
Apex'i AVC-R Boost controller
Autometer Boost Gauge
Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge(I think, may be temp)
J&S Safeguard
J&S Gauge

Being removed for new Turbo system:
PPE Intake
PPE Header and catted Downpipe
HKS Catback Exhaust

Corky's Front Member Brace
Corky's Midship Member Brace
Corky's Rear Member Brace
Tanabe FSTB
Harddog Single Diagonal Rollbar
Tein SS-P coilovers
EBC Ultimax Slotted and dimpled rotors front and rear
Porterfield R4S pads front and rear

JVC headunit
strvnartst01 underdash 8" sub box
JL Audio 8w3v2 sub
Memphis Class D 250 w mono block amp

Centerline Storm 17x7 wheels
Drifz 17x7 wheels
Konig Helium 15x6.5 wheels
Erebuni TRD stg 1 Side skirts
VIS TRD Stg 1 front lip
03 Headlight Swap
9k HID kit
Lord Takuban JDM C/F front badge
03 Taillight Swap
Lord Takuban Short Antenna
Window Tint
Knobmeister Visor Plugs
Gregg Center Armrest Black Vinal w/ red stiching
G2 Caliper paint kit
Slyvania Silverstar Ultra's
Hasegawa Lug nuts

Got the car IIRC in February 2004. This was my first car and got it right before my 16th birthday.
I used to have several pics of it but the computer crashed and these 2 are all I can find

Got the car back first of May fixed all back to stock. Mods at this point were the newer 03+ tail lights and Team Moon Aluminized dual exhaust.

With the old Panasonic Flip screen, no longer installed.

Other than wreck it several times, I didn't really do much to the car for the next few years. This was after I put a new radiator and bumper cover on to get it running after one of the wrecks. Rode like this for awhile.

This would of been in the 05-06 timeframe

Snow tires

Putting them to use

Wrecked the second time that put it setting for several years. Think this is Spring 2007

After a few years I finally got it fixed

Here it is at the shop getting work done.

Done and out of the shop July'ish 2008 Added parts was 03+ headlights, TRD style Lip kit and Centerline wheels. Parked next to my RSX.

Got a front badge for it

Baked and painted the headlights

03+ rear grill in black

Got it lowered on the Tein SS-P Coilovers

Dev's Rear spoiler lip added

Swapped to the black 17's

Somewhere after all that another trans decided to go out, so I swapped the engine and trans both as my engine was using a little more oil than I liked. And in the process of unloading it off the trailer, there went my first lip.

Empty bay

Got it back running and drove it through the winter

No front lip and at Toyota getting the trans replaced again due to a crack in the housing

Car went back into the shop to have the new lip put on and painted.

Then got the Heliums

On the way to a Wedding in Knoxville in 2010 IIRC I was cutting across 92 from Monticello to Whitley to take 27 down to the Huntsville exit on 75. Took a turn to fast(on 92) and spun out.

Cant tell a whole lot other than the rear lip missing and the scratches on the driver side. It also tore the mounting tabs off the pass side of the rear bumper. So it has been duct taped since. Keep in mind im a college student so repairs dont come quickly.

Changed the Spyder pretty much back to stock body and put a different front bumper on I had. And rolled like this for a year or 2.

Then this spring the week before the Spring Spyder Dragon run the Spyder got backed into.

Got it back mid April

Been rolling like that since. Hopefully this winter some of that will get fixed though, but the Spyder probably wont be out until atleast I get a new rear bumper. But I would really love to just find a clean shell to swap everything from my car over to. Parts of the subframe/unibody in the engine bay has been crumpled up since we first got it and has alway bothered me. So other than maybe being used for a track car I think im pretty much done with this shell.

Most current update is that I have it put up for the Winter and have the bumpers and lights pulled off. I still have my 2000 bumper with TRD lip so I had planned on putting it back on with my 03+ headlights with the housings painted. Was going to replace the rear bumper but I think ill just wait to see how my hunt for a shell turns out. Also, considering going with a PPE header/downpipe and HKS catback and selling my JNZ pipe. Still undecided on that though.

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No wonder you boys from Kentucky all drive old pickup trucks:)

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Its good to see you always revive her.

i got to say though. with the trd lip kit with the car completely red (save the one part of the front lip) and the silver wheels is by far my favorite setup you have had. love it. def an inspiration.

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That is an impressive history. How many miles for all of those years? You can always look back and see how much work (labor of love) you've done over time. I'm sure it will be a cherished memory even after you don't have it anymore (unless you keep it forever). I actually feel bad that mine is a garage queen (mostly used for fair weather / recreational driving) although I just put my hard top on for the winter months and will probably use it for work from time to time.

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This was the picture that sold me on getting my Spyder in 2009

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What a journey, it has been:lol:

I know whenever my car gets into fender bender, it's too painful to post up pics haha. Glad you've kept at it.

BTW, do you find the tint strip along the top of the windshield useful? Been thinking of getting it.

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What a journey, it has been:lol:

I know whenever my car gets into fender bender, it's too painful to post up pics haha. Glad you've kept at it.

BTW, do you find the tint strip along the top of the windshield useful? Been thinking of getting it.
Since I removed my visors long ago it does help, but as tall as I am the pillar acts more to block the sun than anything haha.
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