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Figured I would show off my latest purchase. This is my 9th MR2 but the first Spyder.

Couple other shots in the gallery ...

I did basically no research on the Spyder before buying. Don't get me wrong I've read a bit about these cars in the past, and always been interested, but never looked into the year to year changes, options, common mods, etc. In other words feel free to speed up my education and save me some time sifting through old posts.

Overall the car is in good shape, with few dings, marks and paint chips. Of course "this is all normal for a used vehicle of this age" according to the dealerships. lol I wish people would just take care of their stuff, but since they don't if anyone has a suggestion for a good body shop in the "Bay Area", San Jose specifically it would be great.

Otherwise first real work will be a new clutch as it won't grab right on a hard shift right now. :( Have to see what else I can afford to do and need to do beyond that.
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