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Hi all,

I'm Nishan, from South Africa.

Recently bought a MK3 with a bolt-on Hass stage 2 turbo kit.
Has Loads of work done on the car but the motor was stock.
Needless to say, it put a conrod through the block.

I'm getting a 2nd hand 1zzfe motor tomorrow.

Planning on doing the following work before slotting it in.

- Forged Pistons
- Forged Conrods
- Rings
- Bearings
- Balance bottom end
- Recondition head

Powder Coating:
- The chambers of the head
- Piston tops and side
- Turbo housing in and out
- Downpipe
- Turbo manifold

Here is what is already done on the car:
Top Secret Front Bumper
MS Design Side and Rear Skirts
Abflug Rear Wing

Short Shifter
Isotta steering wheel
JDM Nav-pod with 7 inch Kenwood screen
JVC KD-AVX2 DVD player
Kenwood Split sytem
Frenzy Bars

Hass Stage II bolt on turbo kit
Garrett GT2860RS
Bottom Mount intercooler
Aquamist 1S water/meth injection system
Full 3 inch exhaust
HKS SSQV blow off valve
Siemens Deka 630cc injectors
TRD helical limited slip diff
C-One solid engine mounts
ARC oil catch tank
ATP 3 inch MAF tube
Copper clutch

Cusco front & rear under braces
Cusco skid plate
Cusco side pillar bars
Cusco front camber plates
Cusco front and rear anti sway bars
Twos R us front and rear sway bar links
TRD front and rear strut bars
TRD full front and rear suspension bushings
TRD rear top strut mounts
Woods zinc plated cross drilled and slotted rotors
Goodrich brake lines

Apexi Power FC with commander and extra FC edit box and software
Innovate motorsports LM1 and LMA3 with logworks software
Blitz SDC ID III sequential electronic boost controller

Now, my question is:
Where should i source the pistons, rods etc from?
Monkey wrench seems to be the best option that i have come across.

Also, should i use an upgraded oil pump? If so, where to source it?


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Toga oil pump is the only option that i have heard of (except if you are going to use dry-$ump..). Importperformanceparts in USA sells those. I am (slowly going on for my spare engine) having a similar project as you, and what i have learned, the Monkeywrench has the best selection and prices are ok. And i noticed that you don't live in States, so for you it is maybe good as you can get all of the parts in the same shipping.

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Yip, it is my idea to get all parts from the same source.

i see the MWR does not have an upgraded oil pump, only the OEM one...

good luck with your project

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Do you know any of those Nigerian scammer guys who keep trying to trade me $50,000 for $10,000?

Just kidding. Welcome to Spyderchat. I have a twin turbo 2ZZ with AWD and a BFW. The only problem is, I need to move it out of the US to avoid the CARB police. If you send me $20,000 to an account of mine, I can send you the car, and I'll give you $40,000 to get it back at a later time. Just kidding again. Good luck with your project. How common are these cars in S. Africa, or where are they commonly imported from?

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They were sold here. Didnt have to be imported.
SA is not Such a bush...

But have to drive with the top on all the time, otherwise you get lions jumping in!! LOL

The MK3 is fairly common. The MK2 was not sold here and a few were imported.

Do u seriously have a twin-turbo 2zz? :eek:

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No, my car is stock. I was making fun of the phenomenon that we have in the USA of Nigerian Scammers, as well as other people on this board that we refer to as trolls.

Again, welcome.
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