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during my 2ZZ swap, the rear ABS sensors broke. i'm seeing astronomical prices for what ought to be an inexpensive part. the most recent thread regarding locating inexpensive ABS sensors is several years old and i'm wondering if there is any other reasonably prices part option.

i found an Amazon seller who claims they have a Holstein ABS sensor for the MR2 Spyder @ $60, but checked with them to discover that this isn't actually the correct part, and the manufacturer Holstein said they are out of stock for at least 6 weeks.

i also found an ebay seller source for $80 each, however they are closed until Feb 1 and show a 4 week wait time once the part is ordered.

my mechanic should have my 2ZZ engine installed over the course of the next week, so besides seeking a source for a reasonably priced part that's in stock, is there any way to temporarily disconnect the entire ABS system so that i can use my car until one of these suppliers gets stocked?

thank you!


bernard b carman
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