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I have an in good condition Acer Netbook for sale. I have used it conservatively for about a year and a half and upgraded it this spring with a new 2Gig memory from the standard 1Gig that it came with.
The original 160GB hard drive has very little use on it as it was taken out and placed into storage and I will swap it back in and reset the net book to it's factory settings. The OS is windows 7 as it was bought that way when I bought it new.

The only other thing that was done to it was a Ferrari sticker on the front and a innovate sticker on the top of the battery. Apart from that it is in great condition. No chips dings and it's never been dropped.

Pictures on request and if I will be placing it on EBay soon if it doesn't sell here by Saturday night.

$160 and it's yours with the factory box and everything that it came with.
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