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1mzfe non-vvti from a 2000 Toyota Sienna. 4th gen I’m pretty sure. 5 plug ecu.

I’ve completed the initial wiring work for the fic 6 piggyback unit to use for my 00 mr2 Spyder v6 swap. Car is currently running off the 1zz ecu for the dash and 1mzfe ecu for the engine. Now I’m adding a third ecu piggy back for the 1mzfe because I’m adding a small turbo.

I labeled the 22 pin AEM connector “A” and AEM 24 pin connector “B”.

will be installing in the coming week. I will update as I figure more out. This is my first time installing a piggy back so I have no idea what I’m doing but after some research this is what I got.
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