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Since when cant your force air into an engine? What do you think turbo does? ... and if your all like but you cant ram air in just from driving speed... then have a look at any current model high end sports bike. They have a ram air design intake which actually makes quite a large difference. If you look at the power figures in their brochure they have 1 power figure quoted as a dyno rating, and another which is at 100kmph or around there. Yes you do have to be going pretty fast for the ram effect to help but it does exist. In saying that what you have made will not achieve this. A ram system relies on the feed being sealed all the way to the engine.
I am glad you believe the advertising. Having built race bikes with "ram air" systems, I can attest they work - but there is a caveat. The ram air effect doesn't really have much effect until the speeds are significant, like well over 100 MPH. At 150+ on a race bike, ram air was reported to be worth maybe 5 hp. Considering the dollars spent to get even 1 HP, that was cheap HP.

But such systems have to be very carefully designed, or all you get is turbulance and kill the power. Unless you have access to a wind tunnel, your chances of success are pretty slim.

At highway speeds you would get more effect from the cooler air coming into the airbox.
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