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I am unsure if there is a list like this on the spyderchat anywhere, however i figure it could come in handy since i see so many threads about the weight/what rims to get. I will supply the weights of some of the common wheels i see people getting, and the link to the list will be supplied as well.
The list is from compiled from my own research and I will further expand on the list as needed or as information comes in.
(i am going through the weights supplied by to validate them. i have found many off from the manufacture spec so i am changing them accordingly. It may take some time to complete and have the correct weights for all)

Stock Toyota Wheels
Company Wheel model Size Weight
Toyota 2000-2002(Front) 15x6 14.6
Toyota 2000-2002(Back) 15x6.5 15.2

Company Wheel model Size Weight
949racing 6ul 15x7 11.3
949racing 6ul 15x7.5 11.4
949racing 6ul 15x8 12.6
949racing 6ul 15x9 12.7
949racing 6ul 15x10 13.7

Advan RG 15X6.5 10.5
Advan RG 16X7.5 13.2

Advanti Revolution 17X7 20.5 (SCC)
Advanti Lightning 17X7 23.5 (SCC)
Advanti Racing Jazz 16x7 18.5

AKT/ 5Zigen VS-04 15X6.5 12.3 (AKT website)
AKT/ 5Zigen VS-04 16X7 14.3 (AKT website)
AKT/ 5Zigen VS-04 17X7 16.5 (AKT website)

Enkei NP03 16x7 17.6
Enkei RF1 15X7 9.5 (Enkei)
Enkei RF1 15X7 9.9 (Enkei)
Enkei RF1 16X7 13.7 (Enkei)
Enkei RF1 16X8 15.6 (Enkei)
Enkei RF1 Type 2 15X7 9.9 (Enkei)
Enkei RPO3 17x7 16.8
Enkei RS Evolution 16x7 18.07 (Enkei)
Enkei RS Evolution 17x7 19.40 (Enkei)
Enkei RSF-2 15X6.5 16.28 (Enkei)
Enkei RSF-2 16X7 18.04 (Enkei)
Enkei TBS1 16X7 18.26 (Enkei)
Enkei TBS1 17X7 20.02 (Enkei)
Enkei Zoku 17x7 19.8

Keizer 2 piece (racing only) 13x8 7.25

Konig Burner 15x7 16.0
Konig Burner 16X7 17.2 (Konig)
Konig GT-R 15x6.5 16.0
Konig GT-R 16x7 17.5
Konig Monsoon 15x6.5 16.5
Konig Tuner 14x6 12.0
Konig Tuner 15x6.5 17.0
Konig Tuner 16x7 17.5
Konig Tuner 17x7 18.0
Konig Villian 15x6.5 15.4
Konig Villian 16x7 17.5

Kosei K1Racing 15X7 13.0 (Tirerack)
Kosei K1Racing 16X7.5 15.5 (Tirerack)
Kosei Racing Seneka 16x7 19.0
Kosei S5R 17x7 23.0

OZ F1 Plus 17X7.5 26.0 (SCC)
OZ F1 Cup 17X7 25.0 (SCC)

Company Wheel model Size Weight
Rota Grid 15×6.5 14.5
Rota Grid 16×7 16.0
Rota Grid 17×7.5 18.5
Rota Grid V 15×7 13.7
Rota Grid V 15×8 15.65
Rota Grid V 16×8 18.0
Rota Slipstream 15×6.5 13.0
Rota Slipstream 15×7 15.0
Rota Slipstream 15×7.5 15.5
Rota Slipstream 15×8 15.8
Rota Slipstream 16×7 16.0
Rota Slipstream 16×8 16.5
Rota Slipstream 17×7.5 23.0
Rota Slipstream 17×8.5 21.1

SSR GP-Theta 17x7 19.0
SSR GT1 16X7 15 (Tirerack)
SSR GT1 17X7 16.5 (Tirerack)
SSR Integral 16x7 15.0
SSR Integral 17x7 16.5
SSR Integral 17x8 18.0
SSR RF Firrenze 17x7 18.5
SSR Schumacher 16x7 15.0
SSR Type-C 15x6.5 8.6 (SSR ad)
SSR Type-C 15X7 9.3 (SSR ad)
SSR Type-C 16X7 11.0 (SSR ad)
SSR Type-M 15x6.5 11.0
SSR Type-R 16X7 13.0 (Sport Compact Car)
SSR Type-V 16x7 13.0
SSR Type-X 15x6.5 10.5

Volk TE-37 15x6.5 8.8 (Volk)
Volk TE-37 (ET=+43) 15X7 9.15 (Volk)
Volk TE-37 16X7 11.2 (Volk)
Volk TE-37 17X7.5 15.0 (Volk)

Further Information in regards to tires, sizes, etc.

A stickied thread created by Don (put together by jglaze) with very useful information about break
hub and stud measurements, tire specs, etc. A bit dated, but very useful none the less.

Competition Tires and Wheels

A COMPREHENSIVE "what size wheel/tire fits?" list.
The next best list of tire size matched with wheel's. This list includes offset,
rubbing/not rubbing, lowered or not.
Please follow this link

For basic tire weight follow the following link

For pictures of different wheels on peoples cars, Please follow this link

Links for the above information:

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I have my 2 to add.

17x7 Enkei RP03 16.8lbs

16X7 SSR Type C 11.0lbs

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Great idea. Maybe put the weights of the stock wheels for comparison?
Stock wheels of 2000 model MR2 are as follows (15" wheels): front wheel 14,6 lbs (6,6 kg) rear wheel 15,2 lbs (6,9 kg).

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Work Meister s1.

16x7 +28 @ 17.2
16x8 +20 @ 18.2

Seems a little on the heavy side?

BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2
205/40/16 @ 22
225/45/16 @ 25

That like almost 165 lbs for the wheels combine!

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Spin Werks
Series 82
15" x10"
15.5 lbs
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