Before, I should mention that I live in France (Europe).

I sell my Amuse R1 Titan exhaust that got around 12k miles.
A street legal muffler that weight 3,85kg (packagging with muffler weight 4,11kg).

I like the sound from exterior (from exhaust tip). In car it sound different (from muffler).
Titanium exhaust smell too. It's like weld smell but smooth until it smell "fine" to the noise.

Compare to my Malian, the Amuse add instant throttle response and more torque.
This is not a placebo effect. I could really felt it in the seat and on rainy road.
I could hit far less pedal gas to make moving the car.

There is no drone. From exterior, anyone can hear that this is not factory because of more decibel.
It's enoughly quiet to drive without annoying sleepping people at midnight.
A very TOP high quality muffler.

It's just too quiet for my taste. Maybe am I starting to be deaf. :D

Price is $1,452 without shipping.
Payment made by Paypal only.

Thank you
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