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Ok guys, here is my story. Bad exhaust broken at the flex pipes. I get a code also for P0037 downstream O2 sensor.

I replaced the precats with a header and repaired the front pipe leading to the catalytic converter. Still had code after resetting and driving. Tested and have 12 volts at the O2 sensor heater circuit. Replaced downstream O2 sensor with a Denso this morning,no big deal.

Reset CEL codes, start driving for about 20 minutes, all O2 sensors are switching normally, looking good, right?

Then my code puller tells me a have a P0036 code pending??? What the Heck????

Good voltage and ground, replaced downstream O2 sensor, and still getting a downstream O2 sensor heater code? Cold resistance across the black wires on the O2 sensor was 18 ohms cold and after running at idle for awhile climbed to to 40 ohms

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