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This is my first posting even though I've owned an MR2 for about 3 years and been lurking in this forum for almost as long. We bought our Blue 04 MR2 from a great guy in Pittsburgh and imported it to MN. It's been a great 3 season car here but has been garaged winters. I tried driving after the first snowfall after we bought it and it's been garaged winters ever since.

Other than new tires, a battery and regular oil changes there has been very little that I've needed to do to it. This spring I noticed occasionally slow shifting with the SMT. I checked for error codes and found P0942 in the freeze frame mode so I decided to check the fluid level which I did last night, with some help from this forum, thank you. It wasn't as bad to do as It thought it could be but a pain from the typical fluid check standpoint.

The fluid is a little low and seems a little dark colored. I've included a couple pictures for reference. Does anybody know how clear the original fluid is and how mine compares? Now my big dilemma, getting more fluid @ $150.00 per Liter, nobody has it here in MN and i'm not sure if I'm ready to try DOT 4 just yet. I plan to call a couple of local lubricant distributors to see if they are aware of any good substitutes.

Any advice from the forum? Thanks for being here, I appreciate all of the postings!


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