I am toying with the idea of selling my APR car. It has been my daily driver for 7 years and started its life as a really mint no accident 03 silver spyder with 90k miles. Now has 115kish. I just want to talk to interested buyers so I will only do PM questions related to the sale. You can comment and I will participate on this thread but I figure in two weeks if it is not sold it will be fate to keep it. I just bought a 03 yellow spyder and am reevaluating my cars. Very cool car with tons of stuff. Powered by a 1zz fully built engine. I have the engine specs. Comes with the complete turbo that dynoed at almost 400hp not currently installed. 6 speed koni and work meister wheels 18x9 and 18x11. Lots of other stuff I will discuss with potential buyers. In California at the referee stage of smog and runs good with no CEL. Was at Toyotafest and others around Southern California have seen the car. I built the car from stock so know everything about it. I am old and have a thick skin so you can make whatever comments you like here. It does not come with the roadster kit, trd strut bars or trd sway bars. Otherwise as shown. If this post disappears it likely means I decided to keep it. Price is $15k firm Orange County CA A couple items equal the $15k, engine build and custom turbo $10+k, work meister three piece 18x9 18x11 $6,000 new. Will be sold less roadster kit and TRD stuff. Stock will be installed.