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Just wanted to share my seat install into my MR2 Spyder. I didn't see much information on these specific seats so I figured I'd add some for a community and forums that's helped me out a lot. The seats that came with the car were Celica seats, I'm not quite sure how those stack up to stock in terms of height but the Braums with the rails are about an inch lower than the Celica seats. If you look at the first picture you'll see the mounting holes I used to get the height in the other pictures. To use the bottom hold in the back I had to use a dremel to shave off a small piece of the aluminum otherwise there was some interference with the moulding around the belt pass through. Just a heads up for anyone looking to go this route.

Rails are Bride Type IG for the zzW30.
Seats are the Braum FIA red leatherette side mounts.

Seat install gallery - Click HERE

Any questions, feel free to ask.
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