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Thanks to silversprint, Codename Bil Doe, mrhiguy, etc. for a wealth of information that i'm compiling here.

California BAR 2zz swap guidelines In general:
USA market ECU and engine from same model year or newer donor (vs your mk3) and in the below certification combinations:
  • California Certified OEM ECU and Engine (engine and ECU from car originally sold in California) can be swapped into any mk3.
  • Non-California Certified OEM ECU and Engine can only be swapped into a non-California mk3. (mk3 originally sold outside of California)
  • no aftermarket EMS permitted
  • 03+ 2zz's have electronic throttle control
  • Engine position is not regulated. You cannot mix and match manifolds and engines to get the exhaust manifold to clear the subframe. You potentially can adjust the engine mounting positioning vertically/angle to lessen the amount that is required to be cut from the OEM subframe, but likely not by a lot.
No modification is allowed for the engine.
  • as a side note though, even though the BAR is more thorough than a star station, they won't be opening up the head of the engine or dismantling the whole thing, so mild things that don't throw codes nor have telltale traits (like lopey idle) on the stock 2zz ecu like upgraded valvesprings, upgraded oil pump, ported heads, mild cams (only profile changes are on the Lift lobe), forged rods and pistons, crank scrapers, and (possibly) 1.93L stroker cranks may still go right on through.
Un-modified OEM 2zz exhaust manifold required:
  • Subframe notch required. for safety reasons, it's recommended to reinforce by welding steel plates to the subframe when taking car to BAR.
  • Custom Midpipe Required. Will require measurements from a donor vehicle's cat pipe. (cat pipes from Vibe/Matrix/Corolla and celica presumably have slightly different linear lengths. see midpipe reference section below)
  • downstream length of the 2zz oem cat from the header flange can be changed within +/- 12 inches.
  • length from cat to the two O2 sensors can be changed within +/- 1 inches.
  • MUST use OEM 2zz cat
  • Inner diameter of midpipe must be OEM diameter (2.25").
  • no emissions requirements after last O2 sensor after cat.
  • 2004+ model year cars require Air Injection. (avoid 04+ cars if you want a 2zz)
  • 1zz exhaust manifold and cat pipe not accepted

*Above two pictures are of CodenameBillDoe's exhaust which is a BAR legal k20 swap and not 2zz. Gives an example of the kind of work expected. Below is stock 2zz header on a 2zz.

Unmodified OEM intake manifold and throttle body required and as for intake pipes:
  • only CARB-EO aftermarket intake pipes matching model and year with the engine will be accepted.
  • No modification is permitted to any intake pipe (must be used as-found out of the box).
  • 1zz intake pipe not accepted
EVAP, PCV, IAC, etc. have generally been less onerous to pass. Be sure to hook these up to function as OEM. Not sure if BAR will disassemble interior to check evap box. Celica gts evap canister is different from the spyder, so keep in mind.

  • must be Manual if donor ECU is from a manual transmission car, must be automatic if donor ecu is from an automatic transmission car
  • brand of transmission is not usually inspected, neither is number of gears, nor origin of transmission.
Additional Considerations:
Vibe/Matrix/Corolla 2zz:
  • CARB EO Aftermarket intakes from these are easier to fit than the common "U" shaped aftermarket intakes for Celica 2zz.
Celica GTS 2zz:
Aftermarket Intake option (instead of oem intake) that may be able to avoid firewall cutting.
Weapon R Dragon aluminum polished short ram intake.
  • P/N 805-121-101
  • CARB Executive Order: D-489-1
Midpipe reference:
"Here are the measurements you want to follow.
1. Flange to first o2 sensor ~13 Inches
2. Flange to the Front of the catalyst ~17 Inches
3. Flange to the second o2 sensor ~30.5 inches " - mrhiguy, 2019

Please note: currently not verified if this is from a Celica or from a Vibe/Matrix/Corolla


Appendix E: Engine change guidelines published by BAR.


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