Hello All,

Selling extra Celica GTS M/T ECUs that I have. Everything works as expected but I have a total of 3 USDM Celica M/T ECUs and have decided I don't need all of them.

For USDM ECUs I have a 20081 and a 20082. I have recently moved to an Apexi ECU so I am only going to keep my 20083 around for when I need to get the car inspected.

Just so the buyer is aware the 82 and 81 ECUs may exhibit a misfire code: https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TOY-tsb-eg003-01.pdf
My car was throwing Misfire codes (all triggered at idle speeds) and that was the reason I purchased the 83. The misfires didn't go away completely with the 83 but it did keep the CEL code off long enough to get inspected. My car has an idle issue I am still trying to track down that is most likely the culprit.

I also do have 1 JDM M/T ECUs that I have sitting around that will work with the 2ZZ swap if anyone is interested. The part number is: 89666-20060. If you are interested let me know I would be willing to let it go for 150$.

If you want I can record a video of the car running and driving with one of the ECUs connected to the car before sale. I do have the ECU listed for sale on Ebay for 300 but I rather sell it to a fellow forum member.

I am leaving for a trip on Friday so I may be slow to respond. Feel free to ask questions.

Thank You!