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I finally got around to cleaning my air idle valve. The check engine light has been on for months. I aborted the first try. Couldn't break the phillips head screws or get a torx screw to bite. Squirting half a can of carb cleaner down the slot didn't help. Checking the forums again, someone suggested to make sure to use a Japanese phillips bit with an impact driver and the torx is a 5 point, not the normal 6 point. Got those and used my battery impact screw driver and got every thing apart with only one buggered up screw. Cleaned up the valve and reassembled without too much trouble. I did dribble some radiator fluid in the hoses and in the valve hose nipples.

I now notice that my idle speed is lower. When warmed up it was around 1400 rpm and now it is around 800 rpm. Question is, what is normal for a 2002? 800 rpm seems reasonably smooth.

The one thing I noticed in reassembly was the solenoid controlling the valve could be rotated about 10 deg from center. I centered it. is this a big deal?
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