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Continental Extreme Contact Force vs Falken RT660

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Hey guys, anyone have experience with Conti ECF and RT660? The car will be a DD during late spring, summer and early fall; and will be going to some lapping days. Contis are $1050 USD and RT660 are $725 USD. Was also considering Advan Fleva V701 - they are $740 USD. Would love some feedback.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the feedback - I might have to do a dedicated set for the track later on. It's tough to find the right size for the Spyder - especially with 15x6.5 rims. I had the Contis on my E90 and they were great - I can't find them locally and from Tire Rack (with duties and shipping) they end up being almost 50% more than the other 2 mentioned previously.
What size Contis did you run?
Tirerack only has Fleva, PS31 and & PA31 avail in 195/205 for 15". I got Konig Helium wheels (6.5" wide) so 215 is the widest I can go. Might have to look into different rims to allow for a greater choice of tires.
I was hoping for staggered setup with my 6.5 rims but that seems challenging. Flevas seem to be the best option unless I go square or get wider rims.
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