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Continental Extreme Contact Force vs Falken RT660

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Hey guys, anyone have experience with Conti ECF and RT660? The car will be a DD during late spring, summer and early fall; and will be going to some lapping days. Contis are $1050 USD and RT660 are $725 USD. Was also considering Advan Fleva V701 - they are $740 USD. Would love some feedback.

Thank you.
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As a current RT660 shod owner I can say NOT a good tire for the wet or cold. They take a bit to warm up and behave like ice on wet surfaces. That being said, I do like the challenge of driving with them on cold wet mornings. Reminds me that I am alive. Or, will be for the next few seconds. Really, a great tire for fun weekend car but not a DD when you have to use the car no matter what. I have other cars and now that I have a few miles on the RT660 they are far less effective than they used to be on wet surfaces.

When hot the RT660 will tear your face off. Really a great tire for track and road legal use to the track. They don't really warm up fast enough for autoX but I am going to try them and see what the results are. I expect I wont be able to get heat into them.

FWIW they have worn great and outlasted my expectations by a very wide margin. Seriously, I have used these tires for more miles than others that have had 300 tread ware and they are still going strong. I'm pretty amazed for a DOT legal 200TW tire. I used to go through AO48 tires on my Elise every 6000 miles. So, the fact that I used these for a DD and road trips and they lasted is friggin amazing!
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When you find out, tell the rest of us and we'll all know. :ROFLMAO:

The tire makers put a margin of error in the specs exactly because they don't want to answer that kind of question. I am confident that they will be good at 39 F. The actual result probably depends on the use profile. What the warmup duty is like, how fast, how much thrust, how much lateral load, yada, yada. I remember a conversation where, "I drove them below freezing and they are still good, so that is all BS!" Well, ok.
There are two aspects to this. The rubber can actually crack below a certain temperature when flexed. That is a safety issue. Then there is the elastic aspect. When a hot tire is parked and cools substantially it will somewhat hold the shape it had when it cooled. So, you end up with a flat spot until the tire warms. At very cold temperatures you will notice the extra vibration. But if this is done a lot you will end up with some odd wear marks and potential imbalance (permanently) due to odd wear.
FWIW many people compare old tires vs new and talk about how much better some tire is but they are comparing the new R comp to a three season old heat cycled tire. Well no S51T the new brand seems WAY better. The only real comparison is maybe lap times or stopping distance of some new tires but still huge variability there too.

So, take everything with a grain of salt.
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