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Just wanted to share with everyone that I replace both inner CV axle boots last night. And I have to say they are incredibly easy to do!

The reason for replacing is that we ripped one of the boots on accident when separating the drive train from the engine (we are replacing the 1zz due to engine failure grrrr pre-cats lol). The grease that oozed out was a light grey-ish color, and there was a lot of it, indicating that water had gotten into the joint so it's a good thing it ripped or we wouldn't have known.

You do not have to remove the axle to replace the boots. For me, it was easy to work on because I put the drive train (tranny and all) in the back of my truck, so I had a great work bench. But I think this could be done with everything still on the car.

Once you cut off the bands that hold the boot, and cut off the boot, the joint pulls right out of the housing. Be careful with the bearings! You have to remove the bearing assembly from the shaft in order to put the new boot back on. Remove the snap ring on the end of the shaft and it comes right off. Next, I wiped all the old grease off the bearing assembly, shaft, and out of the joint housing. Then slipped the new boot on the shaft and clamped it on. You will need a special tool for this (CV Axle Boot Band Clamp - I think it's called), got it for $10 at my local O'Reilly's for $10. FYI Napa has one too but there's was $30!

Next I squeezed a glob of the new grease in my hand (comes with the boot kit) and applied it liberally to the bearing assembly and massaging it in best I could, then squeezed the remainder of the grease into the housing, and gently inserted the shaft back in, slipped the boot on, and clamped it down. The whole process probably took 30 minutes max per axle.

Like I said, this was done with the drivetrain out of the car so I'm not sure if it would be this easy with it in the car, but I'm assuming it would be pretty close. The boot kit came with a new snap ring for the shaft but it's the wrong kind (round) so I didn't use it, the old snap rings (flat) were still in great shape so I reused them.

I've done all the work myself on this engine swap so if you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them. :lol:
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