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Door Bushings

Production for 2019 is now done in batches of five

Some notes from the previous batches.
I eventually found the prefect size but some needed to sand or had double up on the double sided tape shim to get the desired fit as per the instructions. The majority were able to install without any correction.
Out of many that were sold since I have been selling only one person needed an exchange of one bushing which I found remarkable. Everyone else was able to get these to work with the prescribed methods.
The original bushings on my car have been going strong. I imagine that they will eventually compress over many years and the solution is very simple with adding another shim. As of 2019 I have found the right size that is working for the majority without any sanding. If you want them tighter you can add a shim.

Here are some ground rules.
1.You need to watch the video installation tutorial instructions. I strongly believe the success of the bushings came from the video installation.

2. I am not Amazon. Im just a guy with a printer trying to make an interesting product for the community that I love. If you receive the bushings and are not immediately impressed with them then you will never be and it's not something you have to grow into over time. Fortunately I haven't had to refund anyone. Remove them from the car and send them back for a refund. I need the bushings back ASAP because once the 3M tape sets after a few days it becomes difficult to remove them from car without cosmetic imperfections on the base when you use a flat head screw driver to pry them out.

3. I send these out in poly bags as this cuts down on the weight of the item which keeps costs low. Because these bushings take abuse no harm will come to them from shipping in this manner.

4. Im not able to alter the title of this thread in regard to price. The original amount of $40 was based on Alloy 910 prices at the time but since then it has only gone up. The price is now $47

5. Overseas non domestic requests will be subject to additional shipping charges but there is no exchange of the bushings or refunds, the shipping is just too high. If you are willing to take the risk and make them work for you then do so but I discourage you simply because I want you to be satisfied and I would feel bad if you are stuck with something that is not going to work for you as a worst case.


$47 shipped for a pair of bushings US domestic.


TRD has developed an aftermarket door part that is claimed to increase chassis rigidity by connecting the door to the frame. I have found the TRD part gives you the feel of increased rigidity and the feel of a small reduction of slack in the steering response. I have developed an alternative loosely based on Mazda door bushings which go beyond the effect of the TRD part at a reasonable cost.

This is just a brief synopsis of what the bushings do. You can follow this thread for more information.

I will update this thread with more information so you can make an informed decision if these bushings are right for you but at this time I want to service those that have been following the TRD door stabilizer thread and understand what is involved before I start advertising.

Black 910 bushings are no longer being made due to the dye they use which clogs the nozzle. I have switched back to the natural filament which is printing well.
It is possible to dye the part using the rit dye of your choice if you wish.

Install Video


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2018 batch
Pending from last year. Rburton -- PMed

1. Bugster Norway
2. RevToRed.
3. michael.phelps.9883
4. Fuz16
5. marsrock7
6. shaybeyla
7. krusnik006
8. Local reserve
9. Texasspyder2
10. NIU_Huskies
11. Mink. 2 sets
12. Axle
13. Saledo
14. DesertWanderer. 2 sets
15. Node
16. Abomination
18. Texas Spyder
19. xavierandrade
20. white_spyder

2017 Batch

Order list
1.kxed Shipped
2.KseriesPower Shipped
3. judasursus Shipped
4. maroon5five Shipped
5. Gts*Jason Shipped
6. MRS Spyder plus valet cover Shipped
7. DaniYo Shipped
8. Cris Shipped
9. Fast1one Shipped
10. SRW shipped
11. iwashock shipped
12. b16a2delsol shipped
13. Mikkellucci shipped
14. turbogts22 Shipped
15.Drobbs Shipped
16. Megatron Shipped
17. xbikerShipped
18. cyclehead two pairs Shipped
19. cyclehead Shipped
20. SpydaMite PMed
21. k20aExige Shipped
22. Jim63 Shipped
23. prometheusecks Shipped
24. blk01 Shipped
25. Abomination Shipped
26. slowpok3 Shipped
27. rcntype Shipped
28. mpmcgrath5 Shipped
29. Bolo4mr2 Shipped
30. Chrioboy2 Shipped
Record for all time GB broken. :partytime:
31. celicajonz PMed
32. AKA RAFA Shipped
33. Uncle Mush Shipped
34. lavenderlamb Shipped
35. nuyork two sets. Shipped
36. serialk11r Shipped
37. DeuceFatty Shipped
38. MRSPONZ Shipped
39. libertymkiii Shipped
40. BIOSLORD Shipped
41. ToolUser Shipped
42. rsbell Shipped
43. Abrahamdko Shipped
44. Mico Locked Shipped
45. Funkycheeze Shipped
46. oris98 Shipped
47. sparky0173 Shipped
48. TheMidasTouch Shipped
49. OKSpyder Shipped
50. grapplerha96 Shipped
51. Shmoester Shipped
52. Sonar Shipped
53. DGvr4 Shipped
54. Carl Karnuth Car total loss
55. jferrel4 Shipped
56. yosheeut Shipped
57. mrspyder2001 PMed
58. pwnzor Shipped
59. junkinthefrunk 2 pairs paid Shipped
60. GTsRasta Shipped
61. godzilla619 Shipped
62. Ae86 Shipped
63. Jezus315 Shipped
64. mrbiagesho selling car
65. Code Monkey Shipped
66. zerocavity Shipped
67. SungSmith Shipped
68. Maverick23 Shipped
69. rburton33 PMed
70. Dubso PMed
71. Turbo Kart Shipped
drgnfenx Shipped
Mr2NC2 Shipped
hungster PMed
joluthgo Shipped

GB is over as of 8/1/2017 we made it.

GB of 10 is closed. The price has gone up to $45 shipped.

PureDrifter Shipped
brewer013 Shipped
Apokryphos Shipped
speedworxs Canada shipped
dsgerbc Shipped
NAK20MRS Shipped
Johnson Shipped
MRJoshua Paid
Equinox Shipped
11. obielando Shipped
12. MR2_Spyder Paid

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Please add me to the list and also a valet key cover. Thanks.

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I have a first update: The 910 spool is here sooner than expected. I can now get moving with the paying testers.
I placed the spool in the dehydrator and I will give it 24 hours to make sure it's dried out completely before printing.

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I'd like to be added to the list also.
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