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Backstory, so I stumbled on a junkyard pulled RSX type s K20 w/trans back in late 2017 for a steal of $300, so with extra spending money I had ordered performance parts to go with it.
I had an engine with nothing to swap it into. - I had gotten rid of all other past projects at this point and only had a CBR250R swapped Honda Grom as a toy.
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So I set out to find a car.
I'd first bought a 1st gen insight with the intention to have feather light drag car, but after I'd already bought it with a little remorse to wanting a FWD again, I'd found another deal on a $3000 zz30.
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Now that I had that correct chassis, I put it all together with a gt35 turbo, 2200cc injectors, E85 fuel system, and other matching performance parts short of internals I had it tuned at Humble Performance in Tulsa OK, making 544wHP on 24psi.
I've since swapped the turbo manifold for a more efficient one and have the boost setting at 28-29psi, with some mild compensation to the fuel table to keep the afr safe, so I'd imagine at that level it's closer to 600wHP.

I've had one chance to take it to the track for a single run. I was on street tires so the launch was very soft and even still it had a fair amount of wheel spin.
1/8mile: 7.5 @ 101mph
1/4mile: 11.3 @ 135mph
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After that event I ordered a set of drag radials and drag wheels.

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Now that I've realized my full intentions with the car the progress so far has been to;
-Remove as much weight as possible to make up for the installation of an 8.50 NHRA cage, & accompanying safety equipment.
-Move my Air to Water Ice box and fuel cell as far forward as possible to act as ballast for some wheelie control.
- Build out a CSS k20 block

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