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Some shots of Dragonfly from the event #10. Doing what she loves. I really enjoyed the event, and can tell i'm getting better at controlling her when the back end gets loose, only spun out twice, iirc, unfortunately no videos this time around.

Getting a ride from Thomas, a really good driver, normal machine is a Miata, he ended up posting a time 2 seconds faster than I could get down to, but I was able to get about 4seconds faster than my initial times.

She attracted a crowd after they heard the 2zz with PPE's 4-1 header, test pipe, and magnaflow muffler

note: I do still keep my spare, just took it out for the event.

she's a bit dirty, a wash is coming soon

getting ready to go again

away we go


For anyone in the DFW area, I highly recommend attending atleast one texastimetrial event, imo it's more fun than auto-x since you have 3 laps per run, and you can run as many times as you want, just keep jumping back in line and spend 30 minutes keeping time. I put 20.4 miles on my car at just this event. You also get up to much higher speeds than most auto-x courses, we were running a PCA course and I was hitting 84 at the top of third (6spd 8k rpms) the Z06 and turbo stook were hitting 96 on the same stretch.

Anyways, enjoy the pics, and check the site for future events, this is my 3rd event with them and I love it, very nice group to hangout with and drive with.
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