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Back in ~2012 when the FRS/BRZ was released and I was building a SEMA booth car I contacted Duraflex for a sponsorship. They agreed to a full sponsorship as long as I paid shipping. I signed the paperwork and sent over ~$300. Got the kit a month before SEMA and it was not close to fitting. The amount of hours it would've taken would've mean thousands of dollars spent at the body shop. Long story short I asked them to send me a shipping label to return it. I never heard from them again. That year at SEMA I saw one or two cars with the kit and it looked beyond terrible. I wish I had photos.

As far as the LP Monocraft. I put my order in before it was discontinued. Talking to RedlineRicer on IG it appears the fitment is pretty good. He had to do zero fitting unlike the disaster of a LP Super Warrento S kit. I actually ordered it much earlier than I needed it so it will be in storage for months or maybe years. I thought about pulling molds off it but it's hard to justify the cost (time, money, storage) involved. Who knows? I might even get totally ripped off by LuxuryPart and will never ever see it.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts