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Per the title.

So, 20 year old, baked heat matting under the engine lid is seriously gross. Like falling apart, disintegrating in places gross. And rodents sometimes love it (haven't run into that yet, knock on wood).

It's gotta go.

Most common fixes I've seen;

1. new OEM (these are starting to get sparse)

2. adhesive thermal matting

I'm considering #2, with maybe making some provisions to enable removal and reuse in places that cover any wiring (e.g. lid brake light loom). However, I'm game to see what else there is.

I did search, I promise - just wanna hear from other Chatters - plus, we lost a lot of threads and info a bit back, I guess.

Did you replace your ratty old mats? What was your solution?

You can still get the factory pieces they are expensive to me.
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