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Figured I would do a quick write up on my alarm removal and install.

From the first moment we looked at the car, I wasn't stoked about the "factory" alarm. Anytime the ignition was off it seemed like it was constantly making noise. As soon as we left I put it in "valet mode and left it at that. I've always been of the mindset that if a car was worth locking it was worth having an alarm on, and being a convertible I wanted something a little extra. I would have killed for an older Clifford unit from the G4 or even G5 era, but couldn't find anything used. I looked into new alarms and didn't see anything that had any more features than the used Viper 600ESP that I dug out of my spare parts bin. Figured it was as good as any place to start my new security system. I needed a few pieces to give me the function and security that I wanted as well as a new remote for my OLD alarm. After a couple of emails back and forth with Directed (Viper's parent company) I headed over to CK Auto Image in Santa Clara, CA to order my parts.

This is what I ended up with:

Viper 600ESP alarm
DEI 530T Window Module
DEI 545T Light Control
DEI 520T Battery Back Up
DEI 508D Proximity Sensor

The next step was to start removing the "factory" system. These systems were never what I would call factory. These were dealer or port installed options that were not as well integrated as they could have been. This is what I dropped the dash panel to ....

So this was everything after it was gutted....

With that mess of t-taps, and scotch locks pulled it was time to repair some wires and install the new system.

First step was mounting the boxes. The 545T got mounted to the back of the daytime running light box. This also gave me a chance to disable them (never been a fan). Did the disable and used some double sided tape to attach the two boxes together.

a few of the 545T wires were easiest to tap into wires at the daytime running lights anyway.

every wire was unpinned from the connector so I could do a proper solder and heat shrink method.

Because the MR2 is a negative trigger off of the headlight switch I just got rid of the DEI relays and used the trigger wires for them to directly to the factory Toyota relays tapped in at the switch. The 545T also comes with an off switch so I made a couple of changes to the install. Rather than mounting a separate toggle switch I actually re-wired the column so that the previous "off" position is now auto lights based off of the photocell, the parking light position is now activating the 545T disable position and the headlight position is activating both parking lights and headlights. If you do this be sure to diode isolate these signal so your parking light flash doesn't effect the headlights.

The final part of the 545T is the photocell.

I did a countersink install in the bottom of the front A pillar to hide this piece a bit.

the 545T does allow for alarm integration as well as offers a daytime running light ability. Neither of which I used. I tried the alarm setting but wasn't happy with it automatically turning on the headlights every time I disarmed the alarm.

and my messy under dash now looks like this:

Not bad for adding something like 80 some wires huh? You can see the window module mounted to the sheet metal on the left hand side.

In that image you can actually see 100% of the alarm (minus the battery back up that I decided against) all hidden pretty well but not so hidden that it will be a pain to repair or replace if the need arises.

With that setup I have now gained:

full security
remote entry
remote window control (up and down)
one touch auto up and down on both windows
automatic headlights

The only way i could be happier is if I had found my old school Clifford that had all of these features in one box to avoid so many little boxes and repetitive wiring.

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