Hi, i have 2 gearboxes in parts. no problem with them just had cracked cases from accident cars.
LSD torsen are sold already
i have available
-all gears , syncros and axles from c66 and c52 boxes

ebay listing for final drive and pinion 3,941 (67/17) for both 6speed and 5 speed 3,722 (67/18)
Toyota C52 5 speed final drive and pinion 67/17 (3,941) | eBay

choose at the same price for 5 or 6 speed box

ebay listing for complete 2 axles gears from c66 box
Toyota C66 C60 C63 C64 Transmission 6 speed 1ZZ 2ZZ MR2 SPYDER CELICA COROLLA | eBay

pm me what u need, thanks