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Hey guys, this crazy crazy toy is up for sale. Located in San Diego, CA. You may be asking why I am posting this here: well the fact of the matter is that I'm interested in an MRS myself and looking for one for track purposes :) Interested to see if anyone here would like this car, or would entertain the possibility for a trade. I will be straight forward though, this car while doesn't require a lot of mechanical know how if you have a good guy to take it to, will have it's little ups and downs simply for the fact that it's a hand built car (and done fantastically so if I may add). Anyway I know I don't have any posts on here, but would love to talk to some of you guys if you're interested!

Also I'm not sure how regularly you post this, but HELLO SAM (you know who you are.)

Status: Clean Title (Yes it's registered AND street legal AND smog exempt!)
I have a 1972 Lotus Seven (Replica) for sale, in USA - California.
Mileage: 900 miles
Engine Size: 1.8l T3/T4 Turbo'd Miata engine.

Asking price is $14,000

Locost Seven Miata Turbo, Street Legal, 240whp

Locost Seven build finished July 2011
Build started December 2009
1972 Lotus Seven - Street legal and fully titled and registered in California

Build log located here:

Book-sized frame
1996 1.8L Miata engine
Miata 5-speed manual
240 RWHP and 210 RWTQ

1996 1.8L Miata engine
Miata 5-speed manual
Spec Stage 3 clutch (very easy to drive, full face sprung hub)
240 RWHP and 210 RWTQ
T3/T4 Turbo
Tec-S Electromotive Fuel Management with direct fire ignition (Tuned on Mustang Dyno at
4.30 Torsen LSD Rear differential (IRS)
15 Gallon RCI fuel cell
.095 DOM roll bar

Factory Five coilover shocks
450lb/in springs
Full miata rear subframe and suspension
15x6.5 alloy wheels
205/50/15 Nitto NT01 R-compound tires

Speedhut custom gauges (turbo boost, speedo, tach, water temp, oil press, voltmeter, fuel level)
Kirkey Racing seats
RJS 5-point camlock harnesses
Fully carpeted interior and center cosole

Street equipment:
H4 headlights
Brake lights
Reverse lights
Turn signals with factory Miata cancel function (OEM Miata steering column)

You can check out the original images from the original post: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=13043

Nothing has changed! All I did was improve the throttle cable system (strengthened the connection points) and also improved/strengthened the turbo adapter flange by giving it arms and another welding.

Also asking 14,000--what was originally asked on here. Feel free to PM or email me directly at [email protected] Thank you! You'll actually be dealing with my cousin who will show the car and lives in Southern California where the car is (San Diego), as I live in SF and can't bring the car up with me.

Could use an AWD car...if someone's offering too ;)

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