Footwell sub box, a number of these were made/sold by Spyderchat member around 2010. Can't recall the name of the maker.

Sadly, my MR2 is no longer with us (deer). Hoping someone will put this to good use.

Believe box will fit 8", although the MTX 8" sub I had purchased looks to require ~1" spacer due to diameter of sub (directly below sub fascia) being slightly too large. Want to say I even have a few MDF spacer rings as well as mesh cover. Will include both.

As for box specs or install instructions, as I mentioned above, I can't recall the name of the maker or find posts of this installed. There were a number of these on Spyderchat around ~2010 era. If I do recall, the contour of the box was made to fit snuggly under footwell, can't if driver or passenger.

As with all custom, random internet parts - please being willing to take on project. No returns for anything other than damage in shipping!

I haven't tested sub or amp, although they were purchased new from Amazon a little under 10 years ago, have been in garage since. For shame!! I seem to have a habit of collecting projects, more so than completing.

Sub box is in OK condition, some small chips/white marks (must be fiberglass showing) from moving garages a few times in last decade. No structural damage. Can take additional photos if desired.

Please let me know if any questions or for reasonable offer. Thanks for looking.