If you EVER considered getting a 2ZZMR2 spyder but were scared of the build or the high cost buy in this is the deal for you. I'm selling one of the nicest MR2 2zz spyders you'll ever run across and it's a 2003 so its the newer bodystyle with the upgraded head and tail lights and side intakes. I'm only selling because my daughter is going overseas to Japan for college so her education takes priority over my big boy toys so the 2zz MR2 and some of my other cars have to go.

This car was original designed to compete at all the local car shows and be the darling of all the Cars & Coffee events around town, while still being able to be a daily driver. I had a partner where we would fix up cars. He did the mechanical work and I did all the paint and interior details. Basically he made all our cars run and I made all them look good.

EVERY PART in the engine bay was removed and painted. The doner engine had 133k miles on it but the Celica GT-S owner where I got the engine said the internals were beefed up where necessary.


- Painted, polished and detailed 2zz-ge Donor motor from a 2000 Celica GT-S. (I have the vin. and info from the downer car.

- 6-speed transmission from the same Celica GT-S not the more common 5 speeds you see in most of these swaps.

-MONKEY WRENCH RACING performance intake.

- 1zz oil pan, so no 2zz oil starvation.

- Brand new clutch and preasure plate.

- Brand new tires. 195/15 in front and 205/16 in rear.

-Larger aftermarket Vision wheels.
- Original black leather seats (Thay look new.)
-Carbon Fiber dash trim kit.
-Blue LED door and Center console trim.
-MR2 badging.
-Red painted brake calipers.
-Full size spare.
-Custom Chrome luggage rack with matching blue luggage.

The car won't turn over. It has been sitting stored since 2020. It fired up back in 2020 but my mechanic friend was doing some tweaking to it when covid hit and he moved up North to take care of his mom when she fell ill to covid. I know the battery is good and all the gauges light up. (I keep it going with a battery tender.)

- Needs an exhaust system. I have the original Celica GT-S manafold that I know some people modify and use.

So someone who has basic mechanic skills should easily be able to get it cranked, throw on an exhaust system and then you're off to the races. Which was my plan until my daughter got accepted to study abroad.

Non-mechanical CON's:

-Soft top will definately keep the rain out but it will need to be replaced.

-The front bumper and hood will need to be repainted because of rock chips. I've done the body work on the front and rear bumper. They just need to be painted (I have the paint already)

BONUS ITEMS: (Depending on final sales price)

-Extra ECU from build.
-Luggage rack and matching luggage
-Celica GT-S Catalytic converter