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From France

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Hello everyone,

I'm 29 and am from south of France.
I'm the 8th owner of 2001 MR-S (bough in Jun 2015).
The car had 115.019 km and has for now ~215.000 km.
I drove top down, but feeled nothing. So I installed hard-top for always (sport look).

The 3th owner's modded the car :
- full interior replaced by FL (seats's exception)
- engine and transmission swapped by 2003's version
- CAi (modded stock airbox), PPE header and sport cat
- clutch ACT Stg.1 with Fidanza flywheel
- OZ ultraleggera ET35-7-17
- KW V3 coilovers
- front strut bar
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This 2018 year, I swapped stock gearbox by C64 EURO 2ZZ's one : a whole another car, more enjoyable and faster.
The inconveniant was the consumption. This last month, something in the transmission broke off. I don't know what.
I bought a Celica GT EURO transmission = the best mix between C64 TS and C60 EURO MR-S transmission.
>>> TS transmission swap is the best mod. But between France/USA, the roads and speed limits are differents.

Things who changed :
- central/rear storage deleted
- short shifter from Ebay
- Pre-FL wheels + H&R spacers (3cm front/rear 4cm)
- SARD style spoiler/wing adaptation (initially made for GT86/BRZ)
- Fyralip front lip spoiler on Ebay
- Kirkausorus engine mounts inserts
- BC Racing BR-RA coilovers (4kg front/rear 6kg)
- modded TTE exhaust for higher exits
- Toyota Celica GT EURO transmission
- 2ZZ clutch + MWR flywheel
- AEM UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio
- PPE CAi (first version with aluminium airbox)
- Apexi Power FC E85 tune (440cc injectors + AEM fuel pump 310L/h)
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THIRD project : Corolla TS EURO transmission.

Video : .... ....
On tachometer at 7000 rpms (MR-S EURO trans - Corolla TS C64 trans) :
- 1st : 40 - 38 mph
- 2nd : 67 - 56 mph
- 3rd : 96 - 75 mph
- 4th : 134 - 93 mph
- 5th : 152 - 118 mph
- 6th : not enough power - 137 mph

Acceleration on tacho (stock ECU / PFC SP98 tune) :
- 0 to 65 mph = 5,9 sec / 5,3~5,4 sec
- 0 to 106 mph = 16,5 sec / 14,8 sec
- 0 to 125 mph = 1km (0.621 mile)

In this configuration, the MR-S compete with +210 hp recents cars (faster than VW Golf 6 GTi).
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I drove ~10.000miles only with the OLD KW V3 serie. The new looks differents.

Advantage of BC Racing > adjustability, inexpensive for my street use.
Advantage of KW V3 > quality, building possibility. Something break, you can replace it. You want to build your own suspension, you can.

Disadvantage of BC Racing > less possibility to change something that break (less expensive to buy a complete suspension).
Disadvantage of V3 > damper's adjustement. Jack up the car for having access of damper adjustement (allen key only). Having to count/see the number of turn.

On bad road, V3 suspension's seemed to work lightly better than the BC Racing BR-RA.

For street/amateur track day, BC Racing are cheaper/better.
For touge/rallycross/bad road, KW V3 are better (I think).
Ok this is good info. KW coilovers are not very common here in the US, but they do have a good reputation.

I should also tell you, in the US, 10.000 miles means ten miles. 10,000 miles means ten thousand miles.

This is the opposite of France.
Oh yeah sorry for my mistake.:)
It's not 10000 miles, but 6213 miles.
Question for a Funny Man

Some years ago I sold a complete ac system to a Frenchman who owned a Mark1 Mr2. (Shipping was $100's:concern:)
He stated that, at that time, French law prohibited importers from importing cars w R-13.
Does France currently allow air conditioned cars to be imported?

30 year Mr2 owner.
Currently, France allow all type of JDM/EUROPE cars import : Japan and EUROPE signed businesses exchange.
It's tricky with USA. Cars sold in USA have differents COC than EUROPE cars. For exemple, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is forbidden in France.

For air conditioned from car, business can send this type of item. They have to add authorization document with item traceability.
From a normal guy, it's difficult because of poison/toxic things (like perfum). In the last case, customs officer can send the item for desctruction without approval of seller and buyer.
With cai, response on small acceleration is not the best.
Exemple from 40 to 50mph, you have to press gaz pedal pretty far to make the car moving.
With PPE cai, airbox and 63mm hose, you don't need to push far the gaz pedal. A small pressure is enough to make the car go from 40 to 50mph.

So in May 2017, I dynoed my car with PPE cai.
PPE CAi first generation>

I wanted to know if there was a difference from 1ZZ and 2ZZ injectors.
Result : stay with 1ZZ injectors (exept for MAF MOD witch has been proof).

I wanted to know if 63mm diameter give a better response. On street, I feeled faster/better response/power at low rpms.
Result : better bellow 5000rpms (more whp/torque/MPG) // bad after 5600rpms (63mm is too restrictive - power/torque decrease).

Dyno day video >
The better compromise between 83mm/63mm is 75mm : not too big below 5000rpms -not too small after 5600rpms.
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the wing looks really good
does it mount how the link is - brackets around the side and not drilled thu the engine lid?

and the link (BRZ/GT86) is the same exact model u ordered?
GT86/BRZ's hood is wider/flat, so stock mounts does not fit to the MR-S. The hood of MR-S is smaller and curved.

I've bought it on AliExpress and made a lot of works to get the right height/angle adjustements. You have to drill 8 small holes on the hood.

Mine is for sale ‎$626 plug&play (shipping exclu). Item contained :
- black painted spoiler
- stock bracket/mount + extended brackets for GT86/BRZ (
- ARP's screws//mounts and home made aluminium to fit it on the MR-S
- guide to drill on the right place (I don't know how to say it in English)
Dyno graph after SP98 tune (in 2016).

Dyno graph after E85 tune (in Jun 2018).

Same setup than dyno graph on top. I swapped stock injectors for Lotus SC 440cc and AEM 320 L/H fuel pump Spec.E85.
Less power than SP98 : different dyno - hot air temp - dysfunctional IACV (idle goes up and down). PFC need to be lightly retuned.
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Another video of MR-S vs Cupra 265hp - 123D - Golf 6 GTi - Civic EP3 TypeR :
This day, I set engine tune to run on standard SP98 (not E85).
I created an aluminium gauge mount for my AEM AFR.
There is no screw. I have been inspired by rivet system >>

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For my PPE air intake, I replaced Apexi filter by a Power Enterprise (FL02) witch has smaller diameter. So I closed the "hole" section.
I wrapped PPE CAi with ThermoGuard heat and sound insulation (60x120). Efficient. Air temp stay cold, at least as exterior temp and not engine bay temp.

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For thoses who want to build their own short/cold air intake, here is in photos the specs of my PPE CAI (the first version).

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