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From France

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Hello everyone,

I'm 29 and am from south of France.
I'm the 8th owner of 2001 MR-S (bough in Jun 2015).
The car had 115.019 km and has for now ~215.000 km.
I drove top down, but feeled nothing. So I installed hard-top for always (sport look).

The 3th owner's modded the car :
- full interior replaced by FL (seats's exception)
- engine and transmission swapped by 2003's version
- CAi (modded stock airbox), PPE header and sport cat
- clutch ACT Stg.1 with Fidanza flywheel
- OZ ultraleggera ET35-7-17
- KW V3 coilovers
- front strut bar
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I've probably asked this before - which manufacturer's TRD spoiler did you buy? Any thoughts on its quality?
This ajustable TRD rear wing is a replica and made in Malaysia.
The quality is good enough to use it without problem.
But it's not a original TRD quality of course.

Bought on TPS Shop on FaceBook. Back 2 years ago, there was the ajustable wing for sale.
From what I've seen, they only produce a non ajustable version now. But I can be wrong.
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I did contact them last year, and they didn't have any 3 piece in production. Wasn't really able to get an answer on if/when they would again, nor what shipping would be (at the time I was inquiring).
I took time to install the Zero Exhaust. I was able to install the left header bracket, but the right one got bigger hole in the engine block. I wasn't able to install the right side bracket. Owever, the engine sound is a tiny bit deeper (header tube is thicker than the PPE), a little bit louder and the resonance noise is present thrue the middle to high rpm range. With the PPE, the resonance noise was between 3.5k and 4.5k rpms. No need to drive next to a wall :)

There is a increasing torque gain at low/middle rpm range. No need to push further the gas pedal like the PPE setup, especially on uphill. With the PPE setup, my MR-S archived a 27.3 sec to 1093.61 yard from a stop. Now I am sure the car can pass below 27 sec. A stock 2002 Subaru Impreza STi 265hp set the 1093.61 yard in 25.9 sec. As the factory 1ZZ ECU work with 2 O² sensor, my MR-S was running "ok" with the PPE 4-1 setup (only one oxygen sensor is used). But this time with the 2 oxygens sensors bungs location on the Zero Exhaust, the ECU work like stock now. So I should not expect O² sensor or lean/rich mixture issue.

Ground clearance of the Zero Exhaust sport cat is 3.14 inch higher thant the PPE.
The PPE header + sport cat + O² sensor + 2 bung weight 18.29 lbs.
The Zero Exhaust header + sport cat weight 24 lbs.
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A comparison betwen the TTE/REMUS setup vs Malian Race Exhaust.
Db level in car is quieter with the Malian because I run without the airbox now.
56 mph with the C64 transmission is equivalent to 3000 rpms.
From outside, the TTE should be around 105 db, not more.
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As the driver seat is worned. It was time to replace it.
  • Bride ZIEG IV Low Max Full Bucket Seat - Red FRP Shell
  • Bride Super Seat Rail Subframe Type-IG Left - ZZW30
The MR-S is ~13.2lbs (6kg) lighter now.

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A video of how I take a seat inside the MR-S
Installation of a new bumper lip, originally made for Honda Civic EK4 called Tactical Art.
Polyurethane materiaux : can take hit and goes back to stock shape with heatgun.
Installation is not hard. Need dremel, heatgun, longs screws and patience.
It's less agressive than the S204 lip but fit better on the MR-S bumper.
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Funnyman, you know I'm a big fan of your car, but I'm not a fan of those visible screws. I really appreciate that you take the time to try different options for aero, including what you tried with the SaRD wing.

Hopefully we can find a plastic lip that can fit with screws below the bumper and some 3M tape and perhaps keep the lower bumper vents open:

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Hi MR2_GT4. Thank you again for this comment.

Unfortunally, none of the Tactical Art and "advance tuning" front lips are Plug&Play for the MR-S.
The Tactical Art lip has the same inside shape as your picture and does not line up with the MR-S bumper.

Without cutting the interior of the lip, it's not possible to fit right the lip with the bumper together (I had to cut the entire inside lip). Only way make it fit would be while positioning the lip higher than I did, but will be bad, because we will see the "under bumper" below the lip. Pretty disgracious.

Keep in mind that I had to use heatgun to mold the lip with the bumper of my MR-S too. The MR-S bumper is wider/less curvy/under bumper is more curved than the Civic. On my MR-S, the lip is as low as the bumper and visually it's still a little bit high. But cant be lower because the extra length added by the lip will make every speedbump nearly impossible to pass.

I could see the hole of the bumper, but did used black tape to close the aesthetics holes for a cleaner result.
Zoom the pictures and you will see black tapes and where I did cut the the front lip in 3 parts.

Fitting by hand the lip against the bumper is not possible because the lip need to be in tension to fit the bumper. I can't use 3M double side tape because the bumper don't fit exactly the flat surface of the lip (bumper of the MR-S is more round than the Civic). Downforce generated by the lip is enough to make it "bend". If this lip fall off of the bumper while driving, it would be a problem for the car/bike behind me. That's why I did use screws instead of.

I did mounted the lip without painting. Black color come from the polyurethane material.
While looking at my MR-S in live from a distance, my eyes barely notice the screws painted in black.

However, I did see pictures of an MR-S with the front lip like your picture and am not convinced that it fit as great as the Tactical Art lip. The shape is too strange for the MR-S bumper and the extra length is just too much.

The front lip against illegal ~14cm tall speed bump.
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