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Well yesturday boys and girls my car went to MWR to get my Lotus Swap done. In the drive I realized that me being cheap has turned me into a parts hoarder lol. None the less I save a great deal on most of this swap.

My parts list

2zz Elise and transmisson 2875 shipped.

Che swap header $150

Eibach valve springs $free

Supertech retainers $155 would of saved $5 if I would of bought MWRs

WR intake from my IS300....hopefully MWR can cut this so I wont need a PPE $ unknown

PFC used $725

Paid full price for Kirk mounts all swap hardware (used connector instead of wiring harness $75), MWR stage 2 cams

All my other mods are in sig. I would have to say I saved about $2k on my swap. Cant wait to go phast.

On a side note my new Chrono Road seat was very uncomfortable on 3.5hr trip.
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