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FS: 00-02 left tail light lens (and more)

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A couple of years ago, I replaced the left tail light lens due to a small crack. It's still perfectly serviceable. If anyone just needs a cheap lens to experiment with, replace one damaged in a fender bender, or whatever, here it is. I'd like $10 + shipping, but I'll entertain reasonable offers on it and everything else below.

"Front" view:

Angled view showing the crack:

The other miscellaneous parts that are taking up room in my garage that I'll be posting soon, too, are:

  • a left side tail light complete lens, wiring harness, and housing assembly: the lens is cracked, but the assembly is still technically serviceable (unless your state inspection agency thinks otherwise, of course).
  • a right side head lamp housing (the lens was destroyed): useful for someone's modding project, perhaps? No wiring harness.
  • a complete set of 00-02 wheels. They've got some curb rash and the paint is doing some of that bubbling thing it does, but if you just need a set of wheels, they'll do.
  • EDIT: Sale pending - a 2000 white hood. There are a couple of dents on the left side from my little brother's knee, but the hood itself is quite serviceable. (The little - ok, 6' 4" - jerk climbed up on it one day when we were horsing around.)
  • a right/passenger side interior door pull handle.
  • a complete set of OEM struts, at least one of which (one of the back ones) is blown but could be useful for putting a car back to stock.
  • an OEM shift shaft, bushings, and knob. The knob is serviceable, but the leather is fairly worn. The shaft is a bit rusty, but it can be sanded and oiled if anyone wants it.

I'll probably post the items in other threads when I get pictures taken and uploaded to Photobucket, but if you'll let me know you're interested in something, I'll put a rush on getting to it. That said, the wheels could take some time because I'm using the 00-02 rears until I get a new set of tires for the 03+ set I'm currently using. I am willing to split the set and sell it in pairs, and possibly in singles if the price is right.

If you're new or just highly paranoid and don't know me, I don't blame you for being concerned about dealing with me since I haven't been very active over the last year or so. Unless someone has an opinion or other information of which I'm unaware, I have a spotless reputation for buying and selling on SC, and I will do my best to protect anything I ship. The light housings, for example, are still sitting in OEM boxes that their replacements were shipped to me in, and I will use them to send the part(s) to you. :peace:
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