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2000 Spyder - 2002 Black with exactly 200K miles

Would like $3500 OBO, but no low ball please.

Just paid registration and it's good until April of 2013.

I'm the second owner and it has a clean title. Has always been a California car, the previous owner was from Santa Monica according to CarFax.

Love the Spyder, and as you can see, I have really driven the heck out of it. Nonetheless, I don't see any sense in letting the thing sits for months on end as I now work in Washington and the car is still at my home State in California. My work assignment in Washington looks like it will be on going for at least another year. The car is in Southern California in the San Gabriel Valley (626) area. I do travel back home every month but someone will still be available to show the car to prospective buyers while I'm not there.

Bad 1zz but still running. Does not seem like it's going to die but misfiring in cyclinder 3. I have driven the car 100's of miles in this condition with no problem (never died on me or seem like it will die on me). But of course, you'd probably want a new motor.

Good 5 speed transmission, shifts smoothly.

MWR Short Shifter
Eclipse AVN5500 Double Din 6.5" DVD GPS Navi - CD/DVD/MP3 Player
Polk Audio DXi 6500 Component Speakers
Kenwood Woox Subwoofer
Cabin Extreme Dynamatted
Vinyl Black/Yellow seats

TRD Stage 1 bodykit (Very rare authentic polyurathane Front lip, size skirts and rear lip are fiberglass VIS
knock offs)
JDM V-Edition Mid-Ship Runabout emblem
17x7 XXR Wheels 006 Gunmetal
Cross-drilled and slotted rotors on all four

Apexi WS Coilovers (75K miles on them still no problems what so ever)
Corky Breastplate
Che's FMB
Che's RMB (Not installed)

Other known issues:
1. Fenders needs to be replace as I never replaced them from a fender bender I had a few years back. It's impossible to tell from a distance that there's anything wrong with the fenders, but up close you can see that it doesn't not fit perfectly against the headlight. I do have 2 good fenders that I will throw in for who ever purchase the car, you just have to paint them to 202 black as they are silver.

2. Small tears on softop at upper corners of rear glass. These has been patched and there's absolutely no leak. No other problem with top.

3. Small tear in the carpet under the driver seat.

Most recent pictures of the car:


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Bump for a good price with all the extra's. I would go for it if it was local just for the aftermarket parts to put on my spyder. Drop a new motor in and resale a stock spyder. GLWS

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Never got a PM. Shoot me one when your schedule permits. Thanks.
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