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Red with matching hardtop 2zz, 6sp, lsd, monkey wrench clutch will hold 300hp, aluminum flywheel, lr header, espirilli stainless exhaust.
Now for the suspension jic coilovers, corky's full bracing, strut tower bars front and back, lightweight forged alum 15 wheels and toyo rubber.
All stock parts come with the car including 1zz and 5sp trans, plastic for the interior behind the seats and plastic for the spare tire and underbody rear plastic. The body is in good shape and so is the paint. There are a few door dings but the car looks good.

Its time to part ways. It is set up nice. I do have the check engine light on due to o2 to far in the exhaust. The car runs great. Has around 90k on the odometer and probably around 15k since the conversion. I want to sell the car complete. I am not interested parting anything at the moment. It should leave Calif and go to another state due to emissions rules. It can drive anywhere but due to all the extras you may want to trailer it home.

Asking price $13000
email me at [email protected] or call 707 954-0419
name is Jeff. I live in Crescent City Ca near the Or border on the coast in the redwoods.
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