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Hello I have a 2002 MR2 Spyder 5-speed for sale with 119,995 Miles on it.
This is my wife's car

The only mods that were done to the car are Earl's steel braided brake lines and a TRD Muffler. The muffler was on the car when I bought it new from the dealer back in 2002.
It has Black Racing Pro N1 rims in 16x7 in black with red center cap.

It has lived an easy life just taking my wife back and forth to work and the occasional trip to the mall. Car is never driven hard. The Spyder has always been garaged kept. She gets an average of 30 mpg city/highway driving.

Soft top is in great shape!! Car has normal wear and tear.

Oil Changes are done every 4000 miles with Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Transmission fluid was changed out to Motul 300 gear oil.

The OEM suspension has 45 thousand miles on them. I took them off in 2005 at that mileage and replaced them with Apexi coilovers. I took the coilovers off 2 weeks ago and replaced them with OEM suspension to soften up the ride of the car for her.

Front bottom of the lip is scratched

Reason for selling? Nothing is wrong with the car. My wife's knee is killing her. Ever since the tanker fire that took out the Paramount bridge on the 60, her clutch knee has been hurting. So I bought her a Rav4 . Hate to sell this car but It will get ugly if i keep it outside. The Rav4 will go in the Garage
Also included in the sale of the car is the Toyota Repair manual. It is what the service tech would use at the dealer.
Pictures up later
Asking 6500

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I'd like to know a few more details about your car, if you'd oblige:

1) Any mechanical issues such as oil leaks, pre-cats, etc?

2) Any major maintenance jobs needed in the near future? (water pump, clutch, etc.) Do you have any maintenance records available?

3) How is the body's condition? Besides the scratch on the lower front lip that you mentioned, is the paint oxidized at all? Any dents, dings or blemishes present on the body?

4) Clean title?

Thanks in advance! :)
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