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FS: 2003 Headlights (with HID Projectors) - Used

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UPDATE: sold.

$215 - Pair of Headlight assemblies on their own (no HID incl.) - Includes Shipping within continental U.S.A..
$230 - Headlights + HIDs projector with 3 bulbs

Note, the previous times 2003+ lights were listed the buyers wanted $250 with shipping:

These headlights will be shipped in Toyota's boxes made for these headlights.
They are used and not perfect.

Here's my thread on the HIDs alone: HID Conversion Kit - 8000K - Low Beams for 2003+ (3rd bulb incl!) - $50 SoCal.!)-50-SoCal.&p=836285&highlight=#post836285

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you got pm! sorry wrong person in the pm! still interested!
What projectors did you use for the conversion?
If still available I will take everything. Paypal is ready, just let me know when.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts