Listing this one for sale. Rescued Spyder. Full SMT to Manual conversion so you get the 6 speed gearbox. New gear oil Amsoil 75w90, oil change done recently with Amsoil 5W30 and Toyota air filter, brake and clutch fluid as well as PS fluid. New spark plugs, cleaned IAC valve and TB. New 02s at the downstream and upstream and new TC tensioner. New battery.

New cloth top as well as a new paint. Clear coat was peeling and I had the whole car resprayed.

Have a few small things to tidy it up but nothing that would keep this car from selling now.

I drive the car currently to keep the car active. Mileage is approximately 104k+. I'll post up the interior pics soon as I get it cleaned up inside. Lots of money spent getting this one to where it's at now. So hopefully I can find the right owner. Clear title and Carfax on request.

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