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Hi guys,
I'm changing drive trains and will have the old 2zz stuff out in the next 4-6 weeks. I'll update this thread with pictures and updates as time goes on. Large parts will be located in Baldwin Park, CA if you can arrange pick up. Smaller things can be picked up or shipped. Thanks for looking.

03/04 Vibe 2zz engine - $1100
Approx 130k miles. Recently changed lift bolts, valve cover gasket.
Knock between 4-5K full throttle. I think it's tune/intake temp related, but not 100%.
Compression 180 x4 in 2018. Will repeat before it's pulled. Minimal oil burn, if any (1/2 qt in 5K)
Always ran large oil cooler w/ synthetic oil. Oil temp never >260F. No oil starvation.
Will include: 1zz pan, IJ crankscraper and lowered pickup, Lotus valve/intake cover, dipstick tube, right motor mount

2zz PFC w/ commander - $800
205hp at Church Tuning
May require re-tune

5spd LSD - $300
Grinds 3rd and 4th if you shift fast
Broken rear mount, would need repair
Doesn't pop out of gear
OEM LSD is A-okay, rebuilt 30k miles ago

Harness (looks like shit and 1x clip release broken, but functional) - $150
Kirks front & rear mounts (installed) - $80
Cobb intake (WRX, same ID, w/ vanes, may require tune) - $160
LR header - $300
Gutted highflow cat (w/ 2x O2 sensor bung and better flange) - $200
Borla/HKS muffler (no tip) - $250

Pardon the grease on the right side. Axle boot just gave out.






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Car was dropped off at the shop last weekend. Parts will be available in the next 2 weeks if all goes well.
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