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Brand spanking new, never installed, genuine Toyota (Denso) ignition coil. I paid $110 shipped to me. Will sell for $90 (firm - please, no offers) shipped UPS Ground anywhere in the US. If outside the US, you'll have to pay extra shipping costs ($80 + whatever it costs to ship to you by your preferred method).

Part Number: 9019-02262

I have a 2ZZ-GE engine in my car and absent-mindedly ordered this part, which does not fit my engine. Doh. They won't let me return it. I opened the box, thought "This looks wrong" and realized my mistake when I compared part numbers to what I have in my car.

Send me a PM if you want to buy it. I can only accept PayPal unless it is someone here that I am familiar with, in which case I could discuss method of payment such as a check.
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