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SOLD: Greddy e-manage ultimate piggyback (2zz)

This E-Manage Ultimate Piggyback (Greddy Part Number SC US ZZT231) is for the 2ZZ engine and includes a plug-n-play harness (which looks to have been made by Boomslang). I bought it used a few years ago from a member planning to use it (along with a V-Manage Variable Valve Timing Controller, which I’ll probably list on eBay) on my Rotrex’d 2ZZ MR2 Spyder to replace the Apexi PFC as an emissions testing strategy for when I relocate back to Colorado as a way to retain OBD II functionality and solve that problem. As it turns out, I’ve found a place to land in Colorado where I’m not going to have to face emissions tests, and as I’ve never even installed this, I’m sure there’s a better use for it than sitting here on my shelf.
The price is $375 (including the harness and software CD) with PayPal, and includes free shipping with FedEx Ground to the lower 48. PM me if you have questions.
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