It's taken a while but the moment has finally arrived: The first batch of LMR front strut braces is ready and available! This brace was designed and engineered by @stwd, who through countless design iterations ensured that it is both stronger and lighter (1.8 kg) than the TRD front strut brace. Doesn't look bad either! As you can see in the pictures, it comes with a pair of spacers to provide an optimal interface between chassis and brace. Please note that these are not suitable for RHD cars, a RHD version of the brace will be available soon. Also, just like with any front strut brace, this one will require you to cut the plastic bits over the strut domes. Just like with the TRD brace, the frunk lid will have to be sacrificed. Price: 250 Euros plus shipping and VAT (the latter only applies to EU customers).