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MR2 Roadbot(Paradise Blue)- **SOLD**
Still have the original box, toy is a bit dusty from sitting on my desk.

Carbon fiber front lip for 2000-2002-**SOLD**

It's pretty beat up as you can see from the pics.

Spare Wheel/Tire- $50 local pick up
Left this in the frunk. 15x7 +45 A Spec Final speed I think it's called? 195 width yoko ad07 I believe

Sparco Side Mounts-**SOLD**
Have some Sparco side mounts for sale for aftermarket seats. Pretty sure they're steel, not the lighter aluminum ones.

JDM Blitz intake- $45 shipped
There isn't a place for the air temp gauge or whatever it is that goes into the pipe, since this is the JDM model. Just a place for the MAF.

PM for fastest response. Thanks.

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