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I have a 1991 S54 transmission that has a kaaz LSD in it. It is in very good condition with no grinds or problems. The previous owner said it only had 40k on it and had receipts to show. I am going to look for where i put those. I have only put 5k miles on it since then. I will include 2 axles with this deal along with their axle nuts and cotter pins.

An LSD makes a huge difference in two aspects:

#1 I wont have another mr2 without an LSD. The way the car drives is a lot different and is a lot more fun. It will make a big difference compared to open diff.

#2 It also carrys a lot more traction in the mr2. When i would put my foot on the floor during a turn and have that one wheel spin on me i lost a lot of time. I feel the weakest link in the transmission is the Diff as i have shattered the stock diff and have had no problems or clunks from this transmission setup.

I feel it is perfect for a 3vz/1mz swap but i cant see any downside to having it with the 1zz either.

I am looking to net $600, shipping is pretty cheap if you are not located near Bowie, MD. I can also fit it in my jeep and meet up with anyone in a reasonable distance.

Pics will be coming this weekend will look just like a regular s54.

The reason I decided to post it on this forum is I was told the S54 shares the same differential as the spyder so it should fit right into a spyders transmission. If you do not want the s54 and just need the internal parts i would be willing to disassemble it for you and send you just the parts you need.
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