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FS: Tom's Braces Reproductions

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Ever since I got my Spyder, I wanted to stiffen up the chassis. According to some, Tom's Racing (and to a lesser degree) Corky's) RMBs (Rear Member Brace) are among those braces which make the biggest difference.
So I set out to get my hands on one. Unfortunately these braces are extremely hard to come by, although I did manage to have one shipped over from Japan. I took the opportunity to make replicas of these as I did with the breastplates. A lot of time has passed, but they're now completely ready and available!

Along with the RMB from Japan came another, smaller brace which connects the toe arm pick up points. I also made replicas of these. I couldn't find an official name for them so I dubbed them TAB's (Toe Arm Brace).

At the moment I have 0 RMB's and 0 TAB's left

This is the RMB. As you can see it comes with a supporting beam on either side, as well as 4 bolts, washers and nuts to bolt them all together. The brace works both on pre- and post facelift models. They're made of steel like the originals, and feature a triple-layer powder coating. The price is €295,00 before shipping.

This is the TAB. It's an exact replica of the Tom's one and is very easy to mount. The price is €95,00 before shipping.

Finally a few things you should be aware of about the RMB: It takes two people to fit it. Installation is very doable, but will take some tools, a lift and a bit of modification (or deletion) of the platic bits below the engine. Also, if you run a Moroso oil pan, this brace will not work. If you run an engine other than either a 1ZZ or 2ZZ, I can't guarantee this brace will fit.

Some pictures of the braces on a customer's car:

With some cutting, even the plastic bits can go back on:

Something important to note: Due to the Corona Virus, shipment costs have been raised. A full set of braces now costs 36 Euros to ship within Europe, and 88.30 euros to the US and other countries outside of Europe.
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Thanks for the info on Moroso pan clearance, BTW - that is important. (I wonder if I still have one boxed up or not.. 😅). May be interested in jumping in on another run, if not!
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They're looking good!

Any plans to make a rear brace?
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Not to light a fire under you, Boris - wondering how it's going with the rear strut braces..
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