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FS: Tom's Braces Reproductions

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Ever since I got my Spyder, I wanted to stiffen up the chassis. According to some, Tom's Racing (and to a lesser degree) Corky's) RMBs (Rear Member Brace) are among those braces which make the biggest difference.
So I set out to get my hands on one. Unfortunately these braces are extremely hard to come by, although I did manage to have one shipped over from Japan. I took the opportunity to make replicas of these as I did with the breastplates. A lot of time has passed, but they're now completely ready and available!

Along with the RMB from Japan came another, smaller brace which connects the toe arm pick up points. I also made replicas of these. I couldn't find an official name for them so I dubbed them TAB's (Toe Arm Brace).

At the moment I have 0 RMB's and 0 TAB's left

This is the RMB. As you can see it comes with a supporting beam on either side, as well as 4 bolts, washers and nuts to bolt them all together. The brace works both on pre- and post facelift models. They're made of steel like the originals, and feature a triple-layer powder coating. The price is €295,00 before shipping.

This is the TAB. It's an exact replica of the Tom's one and is very easy to mount. The price is €95,00 before shipping.

Finally a few things you should be aware of about the RMB: It takes two people to fit it. Installation is very doable, but will take some tools, a lift and a bit of modification (or deletion) of the platic bits below the engine. Also, if you run a Moroso oil pan, this brace will not work. If you run an engine other than either a 1ZZ or 2ZZ, I can't guarantee this brace will fit.

Some pictures of the braces on a customer's car:

With some cutting, even the plastic bits can go back on:

Something important to note: Due to the Corona Virus, shipment costs have been raised. A full set of braces now costs 36 Euros to ship within Europe, and 88.30 euros to the US and other countries outside of Europe.
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Here's a picture of the very first prototype. As you can see it does clear the spare wheel compartment, however you will have to ditch the lid. It's just like the TRD brace in that respect really. The final product will look ever so slightly differently, there will aso be a RHD version.

What aspect of the design necessitates LHD/RHD versions?
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